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This intensive Photoshop tutorial will show you from start to finish how to mod and create your own car in Photoshop. This advanced tutorial is recommended for the expert Photoshop user and will show you professional techniques such as body sculpting, creating window reflections, and other photo-realistic effects. Let’s give it a try…

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Virtual Car Tuning

In this graphic design tutorial, it’ll show you how to create a poster with light grunge features centered around a Nike shoe. Graphics designers are often asked to work on advertisement campaigns, small firms generally contract out a single graphic designer and give them detailed instructions on how create their ad poster design. Anyway let’s get going!

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Colourful Shoe Advertisement

This brilliant tutorial will teach you some great photo manipulation techniques. The author takes you through the creation of a surreal turtle manipulation. It shows how to adjust lighting and colours to create surrealistic images. Let’s get started…

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Surreal Turtle

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manipulate a photo with abstract elements to make it more interesting and active. You’ll start with a photograph and add decorative elements and abstract brush strokes to create a colorful photo manipulation. Let’s get going!

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Abstract Cloud Jumper

In this tutorial, it will teach you how to combine multiple stock photos into a single, coherent scenery in Photoshop. We’ll start off with a single panoramic photo, and integrate two others along the way. If you’re looking to improve your photo manipulation skills, this tutorial should prove very useful!

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Panorama Photo Manipulation

High Dynamic Range Imaging, more commonly known as HDR, is a technique that involves taking multiple shots of the same image using different exposures. You then combine all the exposures so that you have an even exposure for all elements of the composition, such as sky, land and details in the shadows. In this tutorial we’ll use HDR techniques but, rather than having to shoot the subject with a tripod to get numerous exposures, we will alter the exposure on a single RAW file to get the desired result.

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Single Shot HDR

Turning a run-of-the-mill photo into a dazzling one is simple when you know the right tricks. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a variety of light effects that can be applied to photography or illustration with equal impact. From sparkles, pixie dust effects, light beams to using splatter effects as a form of lighting, it’s all here. Some of the tricks you’ll learn are created through cunning use of stock photography, while others make use of Photoshop’s built-in tools.

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Sparkling Photo Lighting Effects

It’s summer blockbuster season, and this image resembles a still from a superhero movie or big-budget television series. In this tutorial it will demonstrate how to fake a human torch using little more than stock imagery, a little patience, and a lot of Photoshop know-how.

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Scorching Fire Effect

This tutorial will show you some great photo manipulation techniques which will create a waterfall coming out of the mans head. This will explore important manipulation techniques like masking, composition and color adjustments.

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Garden on a Person’s Face

Here we’ll learn how to create an abstract photo manipulation that looks like you’ve just painted the subject, I’ve included lots of useful techniques for creating impressive abstract pieces. I’ve tried to keep this simple but if you don’t understand any steps then just skip it as not all of them are compulsory.

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Abstract Parrot Manipulation
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