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Follow these simple steps in Photoshop to create a homage to Apple, combining the retro striped Apple logo with a range of soft grungy textures to produce a detailed design with subtle touches of colour and tone. Let’s give it a try…

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Retro Apple Wallpaper

This tutorial is going to guide you to create an amazing spiderman. It is very nice and simple as this is made by a series of simple photoshop techniques. And most of steps are taken to make the background in order to match the central spider logo. Very nice!

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Spiderman Costume Wallpaper

In this reader Photoshop tutorial Nikola Lazarevic aka Colaja from Nis, Serbia will show us how to create a very stylish vintage traveler diary in Photoshop. We will mix brushes with stock photos and blend modes to achieve the effect. Check it out, it’s a great tutorial!

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Vintage Traveler Diary

When you look at the Pirates of the Caribbean posters they all follow a general theme; a collage of imagery along the bottom, a bunch of enormously large heads along the top, and the classic parchment paper logo with a title slapped across it. THis tutorial shows you how to recreate a personal Pirates of the Caribbean style film poster. Let’s give it a go!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Poster

It’s fair enough learning some good Photoshop skills but putting them into practice to create good designs is what is important. Through this tutorial I’ll be teaching you how to create this cool looking poster design using some real simple techniques. We’ll be learning how to use different types of brushes effectively and also stock images.

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Awesome Snowboard Poster

Create this simple poster created with layers of photos and brushes. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a combination of Photoshop brushes, stock images and some really cool adjustments to create this contemporary poster. Go and give it a try!

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Stylish Skull Poster

The 80’s have always had an iconic impact on Pop Culture. I have been seeing a lot of 80’s inspired designs on the internet, but never found a tutorial. So, here’s a simple tutorial inspired by the 80’s. This is just a basic design to get you started, and Adobe Photoshop is all that’s required (and very few stock images). And of course, a lot of modifications can be done with this technique.

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80’s Style Design

This tutorial will show you how to create an awesome topography wallpaper in Photoshop. There are variety of wallpaper design on internet, but sometimes, it is good to design one for yourself. Here is a good sample to teach you create a excellent wallpaper.

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Typography Wallpaper

Let’s design a mobile phone advertisement. It’s inspired by mobile phone posters, billboard designs, and magazine advertisements. We’ll be reviewing using Smart Filters and Objects in this tutorial, as well as multiple techniques to create this design.

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Mobile Phone Advertisement

This tutorial will teach you how to create a glossy lightning bolt inspired from Bolt movie. We will be using a few layers and some white shapes that will make the lightning more interesting and glossy.

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Glossy Volt Icon
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