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In this tutorial, it will show you to design five professional web design layouts in a fast and simple way by using a common template. By changing colors and images then we can achieve some really good varied effects, this will show you how to do it so check it out!

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Mix and Match a Few Layouts

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a portfolio styled layout for your design studio gallery. The techniques are useful for any type of web design. Go ahead and try it!

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Portfolio Gallery Layout

In this tutorial I will show you some very easy techniques, using gradients and layer styles, that we can use to produce nice subtle 3D effects in our web designs. Sometimes little details like subtle gradients or borders using 2 colors can create a very nice visual effect or unique style without requiring many hacks and adjustments.

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3D Web Design Effect

This tutorial is going to present you to design an excellent colorful web layout in Photoshop. This layout can be applied to any personal site. You can also change the web’s background color to suit your own style. Cool, just have a go!

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Colorful Layout
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